Saturday, August 29, 2015

Magical Max and Magical Mickey:
Matt is going off to college and Mea is entering middle school. At their family emergency meeting, Matt and Mea are surprised to learn Mom is having twin baby boys. Matt, Mea, and Grandma Nonie watch and wonder if twins Max and Mickey will be magical, too?                                                        For readers:  Ages 5 -8


“Penelope Anne Cole continues her series about magical children, “Magical Matthew” and “Magical Mea,” with her newest story about the arrival of new twins in the family. Children will delight in the story while discovering if the twins possess the magical gift their older brother and sister displayed of being able to fix things and help people. “Magical Max and Magical Mickey” is as vibrantly illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier as the earlier books in the series.”
         ~Connie Arnold, Poet and Children’s Author

“Fans of Penelope Anne Cole's Magical series will enjoy the new twists, turns, and surprising secrets revealed in the series' last book, “Magical Max and Magical Mickey,” as Matt and Mea's close-knit family faces new challenges together.”       
         ~Melissa Abramovitz