Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Magical Max and Magical Mickey's Big Surprise

Like their magical older brother and sister, Matt and Mea, nine year old twins Max and Mickey knew they’d soon lose their magic. But they are determined to build an amazing graduation gift before their magic runs out. Will they make it in time and what is their Big Surprise?

 Skillfully written, beautifully illustrated, the fifth book in award winning Penelope Anne Cole's Magical Series will captivate and motivate young readers. Grown siblings Matthew and Mea, and Lily, their neighbor and friend in a wheelchair, have reached milestones. To mark the occasion gifts are in order, but who will receive the greatest surprise? Will the twins' magical powers combined with their perseverance and strength be enough for one last amazing feat? Wonderful first chapter books that teach children to use whatever gifts or talents they have to help others. 
~Lorna d'Entremont, M.Ed., Special Needs BookReview

Penelope Anne Cole has rounded out her Magical Series with a book full of surprises. Now that the twins, Max and Mickey, are about to lose their magical abilities, they work hard to create another helpful gift that can be operated without magic. 

Helpfulness is still the core of the family values, as can be seen in the relationship of each family member to the others and the special relationship to neighbor, Lily. Kevin Scott Collier's illustrations graphically show the connections and the surprises. Young readers will love the way the story builds suspense until it gets to the final BIG Surprise.  
~Barbara Bockman, Author,Librarian, and English Teacher

From the Author

In my "Magical" series, I wanted to bring the story full circle -- to show children that it's possible to pursue and accomplish your dreams. To show them that kindness and good deeds can be their own reward, but are also blessings to others. And to show that family love and support are so very important at any age.

To Matthew, Katy, and AJ: 
your lives are uplifting examples of
perseverance, strength, and generosity.

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