Monday, April 6, 2015


Coming Soon:

Magical Mea Goes to School (ages 6-8)
Second grade Mea has to go to school and also learn to use her magic secretly. She thinks she's not having enough play time. What will she do?

Magical M and M (ages 6-8)
Matthew and Mea have to make room for twin baby brothers. Will they have magic, too? Matt, Mea, Lily, and Grandma Nonie are on the look-out for signs of magic.

Oh No, What's for Dinner? (ages 6-8)
Katy is invited to her Nigerian friend's house for dinner. She wonders what food she'll be served. Will she like it or will it be very strange? This story shares concerns that children have about eating foods they aren't familiar with, especially food from other countries and cultures. How can we learn about new foods and new cultures if we don't give them a try?
My Grandma's Pink House (ages 6-8)
This is a story about visiting Grandma. What kinds of things will three kids do at Grandma's house? This story showcases spending time at Grandma's in all seasons. It's a look back to a simpler time and place when children had more freedom to explore the outdoors. It's also a tribute to our grandmothers.

In and Out, All 'Round About (ages 6-8)
This rhyming story of two different friends is told in opposites. Can they keep their friendship in spite of their differences?
The Raccoon Witches of Calhoun County (ages 8-10) 
Beka and her two aunts have their hands full. They've been charged with offenses that may result in losing their magic. They have a year to prove themselves worthy. They're trying, but things don't always turn out the way they planned.