Wednesday, March 2, 2016


In Out All ‘Round About

This is about friendship and differences; about the ups and downs, ins and outs of having a friend, being a friend, and keeping a friend. Sometimes it’s cultural and racial differences, or distance that might separate friends.    
For ages 5-8.

Author Comment:
In and Out, All ‘Round About – Opposite Friends started out as a concept book about opposites:  in and out, up and down, and so forth. Then it grew into a story about two children who are opposites—pushing and pulling in opposite directions, even disagreeing—but they still keep their friendship in spite of their conflicts and differences. I hope children will see themselves in this story and see that our friends don’t have to be just like us.

Penelope Anne Cole’s new picture book, In and Out, All ‘Round About, tells about friends who are different. The story shows how two very different children, by embracing their quirks and differences, make their friendship stronger.  Cole demonstrates their differences in a rhyming cadence that works beautifully.  Snappy illustrations by Agy Wilson are a delight. They sustain the multicultural theme and expand it.                         
East to west, and heat to heart — Our differences won’t make us part.                                         
 I highly recommend this book to parents and teachers. Children always benefit from knowing the satisfaction of accepting and appreciating differences.                                                              
~Margot Finke—and her Magic Carpet of 15 Books

IN AND OUT, ALL ‘ROUND ABOUT is a beautiful story about two friends.  The text and pictures express some of the emotional complexities of friendship in a lovely way.  The two friends share differences and similarities that help them grow as individuals and that strengthen their bond.  I love reading and writing stories about friendship.  Author Penelope Anne Cole and illustrator Agy Wilson’s portrait of friendship would be a great addition to your home or school library.                                                                               
 ~Jill Dana